Pro Cycle team

Boot Out Breast Cancer’s racing team have gone professional for 2016 and are now registered as 1 of only 40 Professional Cycling Teams in the world! Registration gives them access to the world’s biggest races and their target for 2016 is to not only place riders on the Olympic and Paralympic team, but also compete in the World Team Trial in Qatar in October.

Proudly wearing the BOBC logo, this racing team is now in its 3rd year having dominated UK racing in 2014 and 2015, scoring 27 and 33 race victories respectively in those years. Now with a roster of 20 riders, including 6 Scholarship riders who race for the Boot Out Breast Cancer Cycling Club, the team continue to spread the word about the charity with our logo on team vehicles and leisure clothing in addition to the race and training kit.

From racing the Tour of Yorkshire to the Tour of California, the word of the charity will be spread across the world.

TeamPro cycle team
Dame Sarah Storey
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