Northern Soul Gala Ball

Northern Soul Gala Ball

Boot Out Breast Cancer Press Release On Saturday March 9th, Boot Out Breast Cancer hosted its third annual ball in memory of Debbie Dowie’s good friend, Kay, who tragically passed away from the disease last year.

This year’s theme was ‘Northern Soul’ and The Point at Lancashire County Cricket Club was once again the venue after the success of last year’s event. Hugh Ferris compered the evening, playing the part of auctioneer alongside Iain Dowie.

Both of Boot Out Breast Cancer’s patrons, Dame Sarah Storey DBE and Alan Shearer OBE, were in attendance, showing their support for the charity with a whole host of other famous faces including Wigan Athletic defender, Emmerson Boyce and Bolton Wanderers striker, Kevin Davies.

Pete Cox and Joel and Rebecca Rothwell provided this year’s entertainment, conjuring up some Northern Soul classics to get the guests on their feet and ensuring the dance floor was packed for the whole evening!

The Northern Soul All Nighter turned out to be Boot Out Breast Cancer’s finest and most successful ball to date and a fitting tribute to Kay’s memory, raising over £90,000. One hundred percent of the money raised will be going to purchase the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for the South Lancashire Breast Screening Unit based at Wigan Infirmary where Kay used to work as a pharmacist.

The bar has certainly been raised for next year’s ball, when Debbie and the rest of her committee will once again try to put on a fantastic show, fundraising for more diagnostic equipment. Early rumours would seem to indicate that there might be a return of the ‘Bollywood’ theme next year so watch this space!

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